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Please call GiGi directly at (254) 350-8456 at your scheduled consult time.

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Let's Chat!

GiGi's Phone Number

Please call me at (254) 350-8456 at your scheduled consult time.


Let GiGi provide guidance on your first step or your NEXT step to getting closer to your goals in the freight industry.

Bullet-Point Planning

Within the consultation, you will get bullet-point planning that will be catered to you are your unique situation.

You will know the exact steps to take to get where you are wanting to be in the freight game.

Be Inspired...

I absolutely love speaking to other business-minded entrepreneurs.

You never know what the catalyst may be in the conversation, but I find that therealways is (a catalyst) that sparks your next big idea or reframes the way in which you were viewing a thing.

That catalyst is going to be the root cause for positive personal/business change and growth.

So let's bounce ideas off of one another, and formulate your plan of action.


Every Entrepreneur Needs A Mentor...

We all need someone to help us in our plan formulation & follow-through. Not only these 2 integral pieces to business success, but it's essential to have someone that will keep you INSPIRED during your times of FRUSTRATION.

You know...

those days where everything that could gone wrong HAS gone wrong and you are feeling like throwing in the towel.

Those days.

I can guarantee you, you will feel like you are the only person going through this and it can feel isolating and overwhelming.

Well, that's why I'm here!

Call me, and not only will I guide you through with tried and true solutions, but I'll give you at least 3 stories that will top yours. Lol.

Rome wasn't built in a day and I can guarantee that it was NOT built alone.

Let me help, and let's build together!