A word from GiGi...

As a carrier, starting and successfully running your trucking business can be (at times) overwhelming.

With every-changing FMCSA regulations, the rising cost of commercial insurance, fuel cost, and inclement weather.

With all of this on your shoulders, it's enough to make you want to throw in the towel.

Trust me, as a carrier and owner of not 1 but 2 active trucking companies, I completely understand.

Some days can take more than you have to give.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel.

There is money to be made in this industry and we are here to help you make it!



    There are many reasons this may be happening. For example: a newer (less than 6 - 12 months) authority, an OUT OF SERVICE ban less than 6 months old, less than 2 DOT driver/truck inspections, accidents, past freight claims, poor safer score, poor of activated tracking history, or poor broker relations are some of the issues that will definitely cause this to happen.

    But don't worry. We are here to help!


    Sometimes that load going to Ruso, North Dakota, Lakeside, Colorado, or Miami, Florida may seem too good to pass up. Sitting at an impressively high rate per mile on the load board.

    So you take it, and now are STUCK with having to make the hard decision of deadheading for hundreds of miles to get to a load, or sitting for a day or more in hopes of striking a golden load that will get you out of there.

    Either way, this is a loosing game and getting stuck in these types of predicaments will slowly drive you out of business.

    The freight market can be hectic at times.

    Let us help steer you clear of dead zones and keep you in our analytic and time-tested "hot spots" where we will easily be able to find your next load for you!


    Brokers can be annoying and put a to of added pressure on you with their incessant calls, emails, and texts.

    Let us be the middleman.

    While we can't promise a broker won't call for certain essentials (such as to dispatch the load out to you after booking) we can greatly lessen the incidence of direct broker phone calls.

    Additionally, you will have the added confidence of being able to say, "Call my dispatch" should a broker call for anything mandane.

    Let us help take the stress off of you one layer at a time so you can just DRIVE.


    The industry can be a roller-coaster with rates fluctuating weekly and sometimes daily.

    Let us work with you to see if we can't just meet but exceed your gross goals.

Do you pre-qualify for services?


We ask that your authority be at least 6 months old.


You must have the industry standard $1,000,000.00 single limits and $100,000 cargo insurance coverages on an active policy.


We ask that you be willing to go OTR for two weeks at a time with a weekend off (at home) afterwards.

Additionally, if we are able to procure a load that takes to to or thru your home base during the week, we will do so but only hold an obligation to do so after your two consecutive weeks OTR.


We ask that you be willing to accept your daily load as long as said load meets certain criteria:

1. Load is paying at least $900 (if this is your only load for the day) and at a rate of $1.60 per mi (including deadhead).

2. Your dispatch alerted you that morning that they are scouting your daily load and you did not text or call and DECLINE load scouting for the day. (This is b/c we are busy working on your behalf, making phone calls, emails, and sending texts to our broker network from the time we alert you first thing in the morning).

3.Your load drops off the next business day if 700 miles or less or the business day after if 900 or more trip miles.

4. The load is not taking you to a known dead zone.

5. The load is within your equipment type's weight limits.

6. The load can be transported safely.


We ask that your authority have at least 2 DOT driver and equipment inspections.

Brokers will heavily weigh their decision to book your mc# depending on this.

Without these inspections, loads that are hauling commodities that are high value (such as electronics) and in turn pay you a higher rate per mile will not be bookable for your mc# and we want to be able to book you on the best and most high paying loads as possible.

You can check to see your number of inspections by visiting https://safer.fmcsa.dot.gov/CompanySnapshot.aspx

and inputti.ng you mc# or DOT#


We ask that your truck be dock high in order to have access to 90% of loads that will require this.


We require an equipment type of 26ft or larger to work with our service.


We ask that you respond in a timely manner to all calls and texts from our dispatch while you are under an active load.

When we are alling, it's usually because our broker is on the other line and we are needing information from you in order to book a load so it is of utmost importance to answer when we call.

Additionally when we are texting for updatats or sharing information with you, we ask that you respond so that we may have confirmation that you have received correspondence successfully.


Must be willing to keep a debit or credit card on file at all times.

This card will not be used unless payment for your weekly dispatch services are not made by the following Wed for the services rendered the week before.

All invoices are due upon receipt on Friday's at 6pm CST.

An invoice and pay link will be sent via text and/or email at this time weekly.

Meet Our Pre-Qualifications?

1.) Schedule a chat with GiGi to discuss your options.

2.) Call (254) 350-8456 at your self-appointed time.