A word from GiGi...

The goal of this workshop is not only to educate and guide you step by step in starting and scaling your own dispatch business (that will gross you at least $10k per month minimum) but to help shift your paradigm into KNOWING that you CAN and WILL never earn less than this per month again.

If you have not been able to reach and maintain a certain amount of income per month, it's almost guaranteed that it is because you do not even believe it is doable.

In this workshop, we are not only going to equip you with the tangible tools it takes to reach and surpass this goal, but additionally, we will shift your mental paradigm into KNOWING that reaching this level (and higher) of freedom is not only possible but in fact, your birthright as a human being!

There are a ton of courses and classes out there, but we guarantee that after taking this workshop, you will be able to execute on this game plan with a level of precision that is "uncommon" to say the least.

Bet on yourself and change not only your day-to-day life but your legacy.



    We will equip you with the tools necessary to keep your trucks under consistent loads, steer them clear of "dead zones", effectively negotiate fair rates for your carriers, and get paid well for your services!


    We will equip you with the tools necessary to properly setup your business entity (LLC) in order to legitimize your company in the eyes of the law, as well as institutions that will be integral to your day-to-day operations, such as banks, brokerages, carriers, etc.


    You will have access to essential dispatch business templates that will serve you repeatedly in your business. Documents such as carrier/dispatch agreements, carrier packets, non-disclosure agreements, limited power of attorneys, financial spreadsheet templates, and much more.

    You will have access to every single document you will need to effectively run your business.


    You will be educated on the TO-DO's as well as the NOT TO-DO's of the business.

    You will be equipped with skills to properly decipher a good candidate for your dispatch services as opposed to a candidate who will not qualify for services based off of data points such as, on time pick and drop ratio, FMCSA safety score rating, motor carrier authority age, number and type of DOT inspection, load refusal percentage, etc.

    Simply put, you will know the difference between a strong vs. poor candidate for your service, to ensure you are able to earn as much money as possible with minimum effort and time.


    You will learn how to effectively market your business in order to grow your client base.

    This will consist of training on how to build a loyal INSTAGRAM audience, how to enter and interact in differing logistics groups on FB to gain interest, how to properly structure a website (should you choose to build one), and create a sales funnel to peak your potential clients' interests.

    You will have a healthy understanding about the different marketing techniques so that you will be able to pick the methods that are going to be best for you and your business.


    You will not only learn how to get business but additionally, how to scale and grow your business.

    We will show you how to automate your daily tasks and delegate aspects of your business.

    Through hiring and delegation, there is literally no cap on how much income you can bring in on the weekly and monthly basis.

    There are people making and $30,000.00 per month with dispatching no more than 10 trucks within their company!

    The sky is truly the limit!


    You will learn not only how to start and grow your business, but how to protect it as well.

    Details on this will be discussed in the class.

What you will gain...

Every Tool Needed To Start, Grow, & Maintain Your Dispatch Business

You will get asset listed above, and more. You will leave this class equipped with the tools to succeed in your dispatch business.

You are getting years of experience, research, trial, and error, bundled into a neat and concise package.

A Renewed Frame Of Mind Concerning Your Earning Potential

You will be inspired, you will be encouraged, and you will walk away KNOWING how to change your financial future, with the confidence to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

A Clear & Concise Bullet Point Plan

You will walk away with the confidence of knowing EXACTLY how to go about the otherwise tricky aspects of starting, maintaining, and growing your dispatch business.

Ongoing Support

You will have ongoing support via our one-on-one consultation services, in addition to our Mentorship program option; where you will have access to GiGi on a consistent basis.

With this option, you will have consistent motivation, and GiGi there to help guide you in your business every step of the way!



This e-book is the perfect supplement to the video class.

It is just as detailed as the video class.

The book was the actual script for the video class so you can follow along the video with your e-book or use the book for a reference point.


You get 2 free 30 minute consultations to discuss your individualized business plan and get answers to any questions that may arise.

(You can set these consultations at your own convenience by visiting the POST DISPATCH WORKSHOP page located on the drop down menu.)


You will be added to "Close Friends" on our Insta page, where you will be privy to daily tips, tricks, and inspiration to help keep you going in your freight journey.

(You can request admittance into the membership at your own convenience by visiting the POST DISPATCH WORKSHOP page located on the drop down menu.)

GiGi's Personal Guarantee:

"If you have scrolled to the point of reading this, i applaud you because I know you had to digest quite a bit of information to get to this point. Lol.

But on a serious note:

If you have taken in all the information on the route to this point, I can tell you are wanting more.

More out of life than your regular 9-5 job has been able to give you.

I'm assuming this much because that thought was my catalyst for change.

I thought about the fact that at my collections job, I was always ranked top 10 out of hundreds. How I would ALWAYS show up and show out during my shifts, going super hard for my company. And how I would systematically check my stats and see that I was collecting over $50,000 per month for my company, and was being paid less than 10% of what I was pulling in for them.

I realized that, as an "employee", I would ALWAYS get paid the left overs, and I wanted different. I wanted more.

My guarantee to you, is that you will come out of this workshop equipped with the knowledge and tools to build and scale a profitable dispatch company of your own.

I will show you how (within my first 60 days dispatching) I began grossing $8k, fired my boss, and started to get my time back to live my life!

And now, I want the same for you!


Dispatch Workshop Opens April 1st, 2024

The dispatch Workshop will be available 4/1/2024.

A link will be sent to the email you entered right below the order option.

For questions, please call or text GiGi directly at (254) 350-8456.